This is an in-house process.
We double the 20’s single yarn for pile and ground.


We dye our yarn using Hank machines to get optimum fastness and bright colours.
Dyes and chemicals used are all eco-friendly, azo-free of reputed indian and foreign brands.


Our towels are woven on 400 – 800 hooks looms.
Depending on the design requirements, we use 400 – 800 hooks looms with daily supervision and regular checks for proper weight and weaving.


We stitch on Juki Japan machines. All the stitching is done on Juki Japan machines with stitching thread of a reputed Indian brand.


Each product has to pass stringent quality checks. Each piece is individually checked and sorted for final packaging.


Palletisation facility available. Each piece is re-checked before final packing.
We have the facility for palletisation for container stuffing.


The containers are sealed at our facility, which enables us to use the container space to the maximum capacity and also helps the customer to receive the cartons in good condition.